I just received my Vilo. Now what?

Before you install the Vilo, make sure the modem is properly installed.

If you haven't done so, follow the modem installation guide to ensure the modem is fully setup first

Connecting your Vilo

  1. Plug in the power adapter of the Vilo to the power port.
  2. Using a LAN cable, connect the modem from LAN port or any of the ports labeled Ethernet or LAN (depends on the type of modem), to the WAN/LAN port of the Vilo (the bottom port labeled WAN/LAN).
  3. The LED indicator light on the Vilo will turn blue when it is ready for Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  4. Connect to the Wi-Fi network using the ID and password on the bottom of the Vilo unit.

Note: It's very important to connect the modem to the WAN/LAN port and not the LAN port. Your Wi-Fi will not work if you use the LAN port. 

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